Janette Bulkan

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Forestry, UBC

Janette is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. Her previous employment included Social Scientist in the Field Museum’s division of Environment, Culture, and Conservation, (Chicago, Illinois, 2010-2012), Post-doctoral Fellow in International Environmental Human Rights at Colby College (2008-2010), Senior Social Scientist in the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development, Guyana and Coordinator of the Amerindian Research Unit, University of Guyana (1985 to 2000). For over 20 years she has carried out collaborative research with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities in Guyana. Her research interests include forest governance, collaborative natural resource management, concession systems, community forestry and third party forest certification systems

Janette serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sustainable Forestry and on the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Archaeology and Anthropology. She is a member of the Governing Council of the Commonwealth Forestry Association (CFA) and of the Policy and Standards Committee of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the world’s leading voluntary third-party forest certification system.

Janette collaborates with a range of institutions working on issues of local livelihoods for sustainable development. Recently she co-organized a Conference on Indigenous Peoples of the circum-Caribbean Region for the ‘Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project’ for the Caribbean Law Institute Centre (CLIC) of the Faculty of Law, The University of the West Indies (28-30 April 2016). She co-organized with WWF International, anInternational Indigenous Peoples’ Roundtable on Forests and Climate Change’, UBC (6-8 October 2015). 

From March 2011-2015, Janette contributed a column on developments in the forestry sector of Guyana for the quarterly Newsletter of the Commonwealth Forestry Association. In a similar vein, she regularly submitted letters and articles on natural resources policy and Indigenous Peoples issues to the two independent newspapers of Guyana. Many of these contributions are reproduced on internet sites such as ‘REDD-Monitor’. Janette views this work as her contribution to public education on governance, indigenous and land tenure issues, mineral mining (especially gold), forest law and policy, all critical in the Guiana Shield countries which are highly forested and in which the State has administrative responsibility for the majority of those forests. Janette’s work has broadened the public space and supported journalists and students who do not have access to peer-reviewed journals.

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