Terry Sunderland

Professor, Faculty of Forestry, UBC

Terry Sunderland’s career has focused on applied research, biodiversity conservation sustainable resource management and linkages to levering policy influence. He has extensive field experience, having been based in Africa for many years, working for such diverse organisations as the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Smithsonian Institution and the UK’s Department for International Development, among others.

Prior to coming to UBC, Terry was based at the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) in Indonesia where he led the Centre’s research theme on Landscape management for environmental services, biodiversity conservation and livelihoods. Notably, he led the development of a programme of work on forests and food security which evolved into the research theme Sustainable Landscapes and Food Systems, now fully integrated into CIFOR’s ten-year strategy. In recognition of this work, he recently chaired the High Level Panel of Experts for the Committee on World Food Security in the global consultation on “Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition”.

A graduate of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Universities of Oxford (MSc) and London (PhD) Terry has published extensively on conservation, livelihoods and landscape scale challenges to forest management in the tropics. He firmly believes that accessibility of research findings is fundamental to equitable information exchange and ensure that the dissemination of my work is undertaken, not only through academic journals, but through more easily accessible means such as blogs, social media and other dissemination, in order the facilitate the uptake of such research for policy influence.

Terry holds an Adjunct position with James Cook University, Australia, and remains a Senior Associate with CIFOR. He has taught on many forestry-related university courses and currently supervises numerous graduate students dispersed throughout the tropics.


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